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Bachelor's and Master's theses

We are always looking for students that would like to do their Bachelor's or Master's thesis in our lab. We use a wide variety of methods from bioinformatics, molecular genetics and biochemistry. Please have a look at our research overview. Feel free to contact us if you are interested!

We are looking for Student assistants, Bachelor’s or Master’s students to study

The world’s smallest flowering plants

Spirodela_polyrrhiza Size is not important to reproduce, but maybe the genes that you have! We want to study flower development in duckweeds (Lemnaceae) to which some of the world’s smallest flowering plants belong. Therefore we will use methods of comparative genomics, bioinformatics, etc. to investigate the phylogenomics of MADS-box genes, homeobox genes and miRNA genes like miR172. Did these plants lose a lot of genes involved in flower development and therefore only produce tiny flowers and flower so seldom?

If you are interested to help us answer this question either as a student assistant or as topic of your Bachelor’s or Masters’s thesis please contact Lydia Gramzow and Günter Theißen.